Aerial Lifts in Industrial and Construction Environments: Types of Lifts and Their Hazards Interactive Training

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Course Description

Whether you find yourself hanging siding on a construction site, changing light bulbs in a warehouse or performing outdoor utility work, aerial lifts can help you reach areas that would otherwise be almost impossible to get to. But before you work with an aerial lift, you need to know what types of lifts you will encounter and the hazards that are associated with each one.

Atlantic Training's course on "Aerial Lifts in Industrial and Construction Environments: Types of Lifts and Their Hazards" is the first of a of a two-part series that has been designed to meet OSHA's training requirements in their "Mobile Elevated Work Platforms" (MEWPs) standard. The course discusses different types of aerial lifts, the hazards that you can encounter when you're using an aerial lift and the safety standards that you must follow when you're working with or near an aerial lift.

Topics covered in the course include:

  • OSHA and ANSI Standards for MEWPs
  • Creating a "Safe Use Program" for Aerial Lifts
  • Training Requirements for Operators and Occupants of Lifts
  • Identifying and Avoiding Hazards Associated with Aerial Lifts
  • ...and more.


The objective of Atlantic's Aerial Lifts in Industrial and Construction Environments video Program is to review the various types of aerial lifts, make employees aware of the hazards that are associated with these lifts, and give them the information that they'll need to work safely whether they're using a lift or working around one.

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