California Sexual Harassment Supervisors Interactive Training (Online)

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120 minutes
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Course Description

Now more than ever, employers want to educate their workers regarding sexual harassment and how to prevent it in their workplace. In the State of California, managers are also coping with updated harassment laws that now specifically address the rights of transgender individuals.

The SCORM course provides quizzing and interactivity and is compliant with the minimum 2-hour training requirement mandated by the State of California. AB1825


Topics covered in these products include:

  • How sexual harassment in the workplace affects employees and the companies they work for.
  • What types of behavior are considered to be sexually harassing.
  • What California's sexual harassment regulations require.
  • How to prevent sexual harassment in a workplace.
  • How to conduct an effective and ethical investigation of reported sexual harassment.
  • How to resolve a case of sexual harassment in a fair and just way.
  • and more.

All "Preventing Sexual Harassment… for Supervisors in California" products are available in English.

DISCLAIMER: This course does not completely fulfill the training time required and supplemental training will be required