Chemical Hazards: Hazardous Materials Safety Interactive Online Training

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Course Description

When you hear the words “hazardous material”, what comes to mind? Most likely you are thinking about something that may explode, is corrosive, or is extremely toxic to the environment. You may even be thinking, “I don’t have to worry about hazardous materials, they are only found within a chemistry lab or at a chemical plant!” You would then be surprised to learn that hazardous materials can be found in items we use in our homes: primarily cleaning products which often include ammonia, bleach, and other chemicals. In addition, hazardous materials are commonly used in many different industries, including construction, manufacturing, treatment plants, transportation, warehousing, and healthcare. Even when you are being careful, spills, accidents, and injuries can occur, especially if hazardous materials are not handled and stored properly.

OSHA provides clear requirements on how to protect yourself when exposed to hazardous materials by providing regulations on proper PPE, signage, as well as protocols on how to handle, store, transport, and dispose of hazardous materials in the industry (29 CFR 1910.120).  

This course will identify and discuss common examples of hazardous materials used in several industries and discuss the nine GHS chemical hazard symbols found on hazardous materials and household products. In addition, this course will discuss how to keep yourself safe within the workplace by using proper PPE and introduce required protocols for how to handle a spill, and how to store, transport, and dispose of hazardous materials. If you work in the construction, manufacturing, treatment plants, transportation, warehousing, and healthcare industries and would like to learn more about how to safely work with hazardous materials, this training is for you!

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  • Identify common hazardous materials in various industries.
  • Understand the labeling and signage on hazardous material containers.
  • Understand what an SDS is and its role in hazardous material safety.
  • Understand the essential role of PPE and when to wear different types of PPE.
  • Learn how to handle chemical spills.
  • Learn how to properly store, transport, and dispose of hazardous materials.
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