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Think about the different ways your information can be stolen non-digitally:  discarded documents are shuffled through, PINs and passcodes are observed while you input them, passwords that are written down are easy prey, sensitive documents can be stolen; your license and other important cards can be taken from a wallet or purse.  Now consider how you protect against these attacks:  security guards patrol a building, alarm systems track movement and facility access, records are locked up, discarded documents are properly disposed of. 

These non-digital attacks – and the security measures we take to guard against them – each have a digital counterpart.  In fact, since these threats occur invisibly, they can be even more invasive, effective, and difficult to counter.

So what are the main types of cyber threats your organization is likely to face?  Some of the most common threats include malware, ransomware, phishing, hacking, distributed denial-of-service, and even threats from on-site personnel. 

In this training, you will learn about typical cyberthreats, reflect on the security of your own sensitive information, consider your status as a target, will learn about the steps of cyberattacks, and explore how everyone involved can better protect against cyberthreats.

This program is available with Spanish and French closed captions.

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