Diversity and Discrimination for Supervisors Online Training

Interactive Training
60 minutes

Course Description

Diversity and Discrimination for Supervisors Online Training
  • Topics covered by Diversity & Discrimination for Supervisors include:
    • What diversity means
    • Benefits and challenges of a diverse workforce
    • How discrimination happens
    • What circumstances can lead to a charge of discrimination
    • Who is covered by "protected classes"
    • Other types of discrimination
  • By completing this course, you will be able to:
    • Define diversity, inclusion, discrimination, adverse action and protected class
    • Describe benefits and challenges of having a diverse workplace
    • Identify the two main types of discrimination
    • Identify the organization that enforces most anti-discrimination laws
    • Explain how anti-discrimination laws apply
    • Explain how claims of discrimination are investigated
    • Explain how retaliation can occur
    • Explain how the EEOC and states enforce anti-discrimination laws
    • Identify the EEOC's protected classes
    • Identify other types of discrimination that are not enforced by the EEOC
  • Aimed at supervisors in a variety of workplace environments
  • Length: Approximately 60 minutes
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