Diversity in the Workplace: Candid Conversations Interactive Online Training

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Course Description

What do you think of when you hear the word “diversity?” What about “Inclusion?”  “Belonging?”  “Equity?”. Bias is an artifact of how we make sense of the world and in many cases can give rise to discriminatory practices. Discrimination in the workplace causes harm through hostility and threats, violent acts, limiting advancement opportunities and access to equal pay, and other tangible effects. It is not always deliberate. Rather, discrimination is often unintentionally present.

Because some individuals are at greater risk for workplace discrimination than others, the Federal government has recognized protected categories and groups through legislation. This training provides you with insights into these protections, the goals and advantages of building a diverse workforce, and methods of fostering a culture of belonging and inclusion.


Topics Covered Include:

  • Defining Diversity.
  • Racial Diversity.
  • Gender Diversity.
  • Generational Diversity.
  • Disabilities and Neurodiversity.
  • Goals and Benefits of Diversity.
  • What is Your Role?
  • Your Next Steps.
  • …and more!

This program is available with Spanish Closed Captions.

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In this training, we focus on four facets of diversity:  race, gender, age, and disability.  There are absolutely other ways in which humans are diverse – including how we self-identify.  Starting with these areas instead sets the stage for fostering a diverse workplace.
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