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Atlantic Training's "DOT HAZMAT Safety Training" Program focuses on employees who handle hazardous materials. The program makes employees aware of the hazards associated with the materials they handle... and shows them how to work with these materials safely. Created specifically for the Department of Transportation's HAZMAT Training regulation on Handling and Transporting Hazardous Materials, this program provides the "Safety Training" required by the regulation. (While this videotape program can be used by itself, it can also be used as a companion product to Atlantic Training's DOT HAZMAT "General Awareness" program).

Topics covered in these products include:

  • DOT HAZMAT regulations and training.
  • HAZMAT labels, placards and hazard classes.
  • Shipping Papers and emergency response information.
  • Using the DOT Emergency Response Guidebook.
  • Shipping and receiving HAZMATs.
  • HAZMAT emergencies and exposure.
  • and more.


The objective of Atlantic's DOT HAZMAT Safety Training video Program is for employees who handle hazardous materials to be more aware of situations in which they may encounter hazardous chemicals, and to show them how to work with these materials safely.

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