DOT Reasonable Suspicion Testing for Managers and Supervisors: Part II Interactive Online Training

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Course Description

In Part I of this program on “Reasonable Suspicion”, we discussed the responsibilities of managers and supervisors in making sure that drivers of commercial vehicles and other transportation employees with “safety sensitive” jobs are not under the influence of drugs while they are working. But drugs are not the only substances employees can use that impair their judgment and affect their ability to perform their job safely. Alcohol can be a serious problem as well. So it is important to know the “indicators” of alcohol consumption, and when to consider sending an employee for a “Reasonable Suspicion” test. This two-part course has been created to satisfy the DOT's 2-Hour Reasonable Suspcion training requirements.

Atlantic Training's course on "DOT Reasonable Suspicion Testing for Managers and Supervisors: Part II" discusses the “behavioral” and “physical” signs that someone has been drinking, how alcohol and drug tests are conducted, the “Removal-From-Work” and “Return-To-Duty” processes, and more.


Topics covered in the course include:


  • Behavioral Signs of Alcohol Abuse
  • Physical Signs of Alcohol Abuse
  • Approaching the Employee
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Basics
  • How Drug and Alcohol Tests Are Conducted
  • Removal and Return-to-Duty
  • Getting Help for Substance Abuse
  • …and more.
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