Driving Defensively for CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: Handling Adverse Conditions Interactive Online Training

Interactive Training
45 minutes
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Course Description

Driving defensively isn’t just about your driving skills or your experience. It’s about being aware of what is going on around you, anticipating what could happen and knowing what to do in any situation. Because trucks behave differently than other vehicles, truck drivers need to react differently when they encounter unusual or emergency situations.

The course on “Driving Defensively for CDL/Large Vehicle Drivers: Handling Adverse Conditions” discusses how drivers can prepare for and drive defensively when encountering bad weather, work zones, distracted and aggressive drivers and more.

Topics covered in the course include:
• Driving Safely in Bad Weather
• Handling a Blowout
• Sharing the Road with Other Trucks and Buses
• Dealing with Distracted and Aggressive Drivers
• Pedestrians, Work Zones and Emergency Situations
• …and more.

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