Effective One-on-Ones for Managers: Strategies for Success Interactive Online Training

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There are many benefits to one-on-one meetings. They can make or break your workplace culture.

First and foremost, a meeting is a way to exchange information. One-on-ones will help you as a manager stay up-to-date on what’s really happening in your employee’s day-to-day. Ask what is going right. Ask what isn’t going so right. By listening, you will make your employees feel heard, and they will also be more likely to hear you when you bring your ideas or concerns to them.

Consider these meetings as a way of building workplace culture. Effective one-on-ones provide motivation to employees with opportunities to

·         personally celebrate successes

·         positively address areas of concern

·         or seed ideas for future growth and development.

Each interaction offers a chance to coach and mentor employees, and to discuss opportunities for professional development. You do not want to lose your employees because of conversations that never happened and concerns that were never voiced.

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This training is designed to set you up as a supervisor to strengthen your employees and, overall, your workplace’s culture through effective one-on-one meetings. We will explore the importance and benefits of one-on-ones, review strategies for effectiveness, and go through examples of the preparation and follow-up involved. This training will also help you prepare for the unexpected – even more so as you build a culture of one-on-ones that allow your employees to open up to you and explore their own development. Finally, we will identify additional steps you can take to bring your one-on-one meetings to the next level.
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