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Are you always rushed? Do you often procrastinate? Do you do “better under pressure?” Do you have more to do in the day than you have hours to do them? Do you find yourself particularly tired all of the time? All these symptoms may be attributable to poor time management. Are you asking yourself, how can I best manage my time with all the things that are expected of me? There are ways to improve your time management skills. And, like all soft skills, it takes some practice to get good at it! 

If you’re interested in improving your time management and in learning some effective tools to assist you, then this training is for you. In this course you’ll learn the concepts of time and perception and why time management works. You’ll explore common myths surrounding time management, procrastination, and the factors that influence personal productivity. By understanding goal-setting and why goals matter, you will learn how to reclaim work-life balance to more effectively manage your time. 

Have you ever tried achieving a goal that you didn’t prepare for? Maybe you had this great idea in mind, and at the time, it sounded attainable, but after much thought and reflection, you realized you had no specific framework to help you achieve that goal. Without concrete goals or a framework in place, it’s like you’ve been left in the dark trying to find your way. Through understanding SMART goals and why they matter, you will learn how to reclaim work/life balance which is a highly effective way to manage your time.

This program is available with Spanish and French closed captions.

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  • Understand the concepts of time and perception
  • Learn about the common myths surrounding time management
  • Identify factors that influence personal productivity
  • Addressing procrastination
  • Reclaim your work-life balance
  • SMART goals and why they matter
  • Leveraging productivity tools and actionable strategies to master time management
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