Fair Labor Standards Act: FLSA Compliance Interactive Online Training

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Course Description

You may never have heard of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), but chances are this law - and related state and local laws - have affected you at least indirectly at some point. If you are involved in any way with Human Resources, you run across the implications of the FLSA frequently. Not being aware of the Act’s requirements can be costly.

To support you in being compliant with the FLSA, we have developed an 8-part training that will familiarize you with the FLSA and teach you to interpret and comply with:

  • wage standards
  • off-the-clock prohibitions
  • overtime requirements
  • child labor standards
  • and recordkeeping requirements

Don’t get tripped up by not knowing the terminology, labor standards, and implications of the Fair Labor Standards Act! Criminal prosecution for violations of the FLSA may result in fines and possible imprisonment. Ignorance is not a defense! Take this training and make sure to align your practices with compliance expectations.

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