Just A Second Ago: The Brad Livingston Story Streaming On Demand

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When Brad Livingston decided to violate procedures, participate in a shortcut and condone the unsafe actions of a co-worker, his world was literally blown apart in a matter of seconds. As Brad was engulfed in flames, he fully expected to die, but thoughts of his three young daughters inspired him to fight for his life.

In this motivational presentation, Brad humbly points out how his choices and decisions that day contributed to the death of a co-worker, life-changing injuries to himself and unimaginable grief and trauma to his wife Bobbi and their three young daughters. To prevent others from making the same mistakes he did, Brad motivates his audience to maintain a proper safety perspective and helps them truly understand why they must work safely every day. Your facility's safety culture will improve when workers hear the lessons shared by Brad Livingston! 


After watching the program, the participant will be able to explain the following:
• What mistakes Brad and Tracy made that led up to the explosions;
• What injuries Brad’s body endured and how he fought to survive them;
• How Brad was overcome with frustration and despair as a result of his therapy;
• How just a second in choosing to perform an unsafe act can change your life and your family members’ lives forever.
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