Management & Leadership Skills for Supervisors

Interactive Training
17 minutes

Course Description

What is it? 
Narratives spoken from experience punctuate this feature-film quality production that portrays the subtle but essential people skills that every great supervisor or leader must have in order to manage their people the right way. 

Who is it for? 
Both newly promoted supervisors and experienced managers could use help or a refresher on understanding their people and knowing the right way to approach those tough challenges that seem to come up on a daily basis in the workplace. 


What will you learn? 
Supervisors will get “Power Tips” and learn the finer points and better ways to: 
  • Delegate and follow-up to make sure the job gets done 
  • Encourage high-achievers and coach under-performers 
  • Resolve conflicts and build teamwork 
  • Inspire employee engagement and stay calm in a crisis 
  • Communicate—and just as importantly, really listen 
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