Master Driver: Rural Driving - Online Training

Interactive Training
60 minutes

Course Description

Master Driver: Rural Driving - Online Training



  • Helps drivers recognize and deal with the unique set of hazards they normally don't contend with when driving on interstate highways
  • This program covers:
    • Sharing the road with school buses, farm equipment, and horse-driven buggies
    • Tips for handling high-risk situations
    • Specific driving strategies for safer rural driving
    • Negotiating passing lanes and passing
    • How to avoid falling into routine or pattern driving
    • And more
  • Course keeps your drivers' attention with dramatic footage, dynamic graphics, 3-D animation, hazard perception challenge scenarios, and "Road Wise" commentary from seasoned transport pros.More Info

 More Info

  • Introduction - Explains the need to re-visit rural driving basics, because nearly twice as many traffic fatalities occur in rural areas than anywhere else.
  • Rural Driving Defined - Discusses that rural driving presents different hazards and requires a different mindset and a different approach to defensive driving than interstate or city driving.
  • Getting Ready to Drive - Reviews the critical need to complete a pre-trip vehicle inspection, what should go into planning your route, and checking cargo securement.
  • What to Avoid En Route - Discusses vehicle breakdowns, highway hypnosis and pattern driving, and how to deal with each.
  • Common Rural Hazards
    • Driving - Covers speed & space management issues specific to driving in rural areas.
    • Passing - Covers passing, being passed and designated passing lanes.
    • Slow-Moving Vehicles - Covers how to safely deal with other road users.
    • Animals - Covers how to avoid risky encounters with wild and domestic animals.
    • In-Cab Distractions - Covers how to avoid becoming a hazard to others.
  • Conclusion - Emphasizes the need to preparing yourself and your vehicle for a safe drive in rural areas.

Approximately 45 minutes