More High-Impact Lockout/Tagout Safety Training Interactive Training

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More High-Impact Lockout/Tagout Safety Training Interactive Training

Nearly 200 employees are killed and thousands of others injured each year when they are exposed to a sudden, unexpected release of hazardous energy. To protect workers from such incidents, a set of procedures known as lockout/tagout is used to disconnect and isolate all of the hazardous energy sources to a machine, piece of equipment or other devices.

This program stresses the importance of controlling hazardous energy in all required situations while providing viewers with a basic understanding of the key elements in the lockout/tagout process. Also featured are six workplace injury reenactments that illustrate the devastating consequences of improper lockout/tagout operations. Topics include situations that require lockout/tagout, authorized, affected and other employees, proper use of locks and tags, steps involved in performing a lockout procedure, verifying a zero energy state, returning equipment to service and group lockout procedures. 

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