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The goal of every vehicle operator is to reach a standard called perfect driving. That means the driver completes every trip without accidents, traffic violations, vehicle abuse, unnecessary delays or not being courteous. Defensive driving means preventing accidents in spite of the actions of other drivers. 

Topics included in this safety video are: accident prevention formula, 4 second rule of thumb, driving conditions, keep vehicle in good, safe condition, inspect it, tires and wheels should be inspected, keep the area behind the packing blade and the top of the transmission by the turbo free of trash and debris, oil and hydraulic leaks or any fluid leak, suspension and tie rods,steps and handles, battery, lights, reflectors, horns, hanging wires, and back up alarms, dirty cabs, safety equipment, fire extinguishers, emergency triangles,paperwork, refueling, speed limits, crossing railroad tracks, residential areas and school zones, and adverse weather conditions.



  • Accident Prevention
  • Speed and Stopping Distances
  • Safety Tips
  • Speed Limits
  • Summary


Runtime: 12 Min.


This program will review some new ideas about driving safely and being prepared for the unexpected.
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