One Will Die: The John Martin Story - French Online Interactive Training

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22 minutes
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Course Description

John Martin was a risk-taker and everyone knew it. When John and others took shortcuts to be more productive, it created tension among coworkers who were perceived as being slow. John Martin was asked to service a large pump that was underneath a 25,000-gallon cooking vessel containing Black Liquor, a hot, caustic liquid used to cook wood chips in the paper industry. An inexperienced operator opened the valve, blasting John with thousands of gallons of the hot, caustic liquid. John was burned over 70% of his body and his eyes were badly damaged. John was not expected to survive his injuries.

John Martin did survive and has overcome his burn injuries and multiple eye surgeries. By examining the various actions, attitudes and behaviors that contributed to his incident, John helps others find ways to improve their own safety. This program will benefit all employees, managers, and supervisors.

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