OSHA 30 Hr General Streaming Training

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OSHA 30 Hr General Streaming Training

OSHA 30 Hour General training sets the cornerstone for a safe and productive work site. Meet compliance and regulatory needs and ensure that your workforce has been properly trained with Online OSHA 30 training from Atlantic! Upon completion, students will receive an OSHA course completion certificate. 

OSHA 30 Hour training provides the following benefits: Helps prevent costly accidents, incidents and OSHA fines at your site.

Courses include: 

1.   Introduction to OSHA,
2.  Safety Orientation,
3.  Safety Housekeeping and Accident Prevention,
4.  Safety Audits,
5.  Hazard Recognition,
6.  Accident Investigation,
7.  Walking and Working Surfaces,
8.  Fall Protection,
9.  Emergency Planning,
10. Industrial Fire Prevention,
11.  Evacuation Procedures,
12. Electrical Safety,
13. Electrocution Hazards in Construction Environments Part 1: Types of Hazards and How You Can Protect Yourself,
14. Personal Protective Equipment,
15. Materials Handling Safety,
16. Warehouse Safety,
17. Hazard Communication in Industrial Facilities,
18. Introduction to GHS (The Globally Harmonized System),
19. Hazardous Materials Labels,
20. Dealing with Hazardous Spills,
21. Compressed Gas Cylinders,
22. Confined Space Entry,
23. Lockout/Tagout,
24. Machine Guard Safety,
25. Welding Safety,
26. Hot Work Safety and The Permitting Process,
27. Bloodborne Pathogens in Commercial and Industrial Facilities,
28. Industrial Ergonomics,
29. Office Ergonomics,
30. I2P2 (Injury and Illness Prevention Programs),
31. Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety,
32. Forklift Safety: Industrial Counterbalance Lift Trucks

This will require 32 credits per user

Please note: that if you require a state-specific OSHA 10/30 card, this will not satisfy the need as a stand-alone course.



 OSHA 30 Hour training provides the following benefits: Helps prevent costly accidents, incidents and OSHA fines at your site. Course completion cards demonstrate that you are in compliance with all OSHA standards. Course completion shows that you are committed to safety and is useful during an OSHA inspection. 
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