Personal Fall Arrest Systems Interactive Training

Interactive Training
12 minutes
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Course Description

This program will provide viewers with detailed safety information related to their personal fall arrest system. Topics include:

  • The full body harness and connection device
  • The anchor point
  • Inspection of the fall arrest system's components
  • The total fall distance calculation
  • Understanding and preventing suspension trauma
  • The rescue plan for retrieving fallen workers

Performing work on an elevated surface is inherently dangerous due to the risk of falling. When proper guardrails or other means of fall protection are not installed, a personal fall arrest system is usually required. A personal fall arrest system, consisting of a full body harness, a connecting device, and anchor point, is designed to reduce the amount of force exerted on a worker during a fall and to prevent the falling worker from striking a lower level or hitting the ground below. Various OSHA standards require an employer to ensure that each employee is trained in the proper use of a fall arrest system before he or she uses the equipment.
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