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The variety among people, called "diversity", has been increasing in society and the workforce for decades. But if employees treat coworkers who are different from them in unfair and prejudicial ways, this "discrimination" is bad for people and for business. And since it's also illegal, it can expose a company to complex and expensive legal actions as well.

Atlantic's "Preventing Workplace Discrimination... for Managers and Supervisors" products discuss different types of discriminatory behavior, the laws, and policies that have been established to fight it, and what managers and supervisors can do to prevent it in their department.

Topics covered in these products include:

  • Discrimination, the workplace, and the law.
  • Discrimination and company policy.
  • Preventing discrimination in your department.
  • Handling a report about workplace discrimination.
  • The "fact-finding" process.  
  • and more.
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