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Whether your career philosophy is that you live to work, or if you work to live, your health and safety should never be sacrificed for productivity. Whatever your position – laborer, supervisor, technician, safety officer, machine operator, or any other role – you must become aware of the hazards involved in your work and the strategies required to ensure safe work and respond to emergencies. Every task comes with its own set of risks. Think about your work environment. What could go wrong?

Throughout this training, we will discuss OSHA’s Focus Four Hazards and Top 10 standard violations, and how to communicate, protect against, and respond to these hazards. This will include lockout-tagout procedures, principles of working safely with machines and tools, and a basic introduction to safe work tactics for forklift and heavy equipment operation. We will also discuss how to protect yourself from injuries through proper interaction with your work environment and the use of personal protective equipment. Finally, you will learn about fire prevention and response, basic first aid, and how to protect yourself from bloodborne pathogens.

As we progress, reflect on how each aspect of safety relates to your work environment and tasks. If you are unsure, ask your supervisor about the hazards you are likely to face in your specific position. This information should be readily available.

This program is available with Spanish and French closed captions.

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