Safety Matters: Lab Safety Interactive Online Training

Interactive Training
35 minutes

Course Description

Safety Matters: Lab Safety Interactive Online Training

Safety Matters: Lab Safety the steps to minimize the risk of injury in the lab setting and informs laboratory workers about the hazards they may face. It also provides information on safe work practices. Safety is a concern for everybody, and for those who work in laboratories, there are specific safety considerations to keep in mind. Lab workers encounter unique types of hazards in the workplace, but there are strategies and practices that can help protect everyone.


Learning Objectives:

Chemical Hygiene Plan

  • Major elements of a plan
  • Breakdown of plan sections

Chemical Hazards

  • Definitions of different hazards

Safety Data Sheets

  • Employer rENGonsibilities
  • Employee rENGonsibilities

Administrative and ENGineering Controls

  • Examples of administrative controls
  • Examples of ENGineering controls

Safe Work Practices and PPE Controls

  • Examples of other safe work practices
  • Overview of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Handling an Emergency

  • Contents of an emergency plan


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