Safety Matters: Lockout/Tagout Interactive Online Training

Interactive Training
35 minutes

Course Description

Safety Matters: Lockout/Tagout Interactive Online Training

Safety Matters: Lockout/Tagout fosters awareness of the sources of energy we work with, the dangers of those energies, and the systems in place to prevent potential issues. It also covers the five main causes of preventable injuries and the 7-step lockout/tagout procedure. Energy is all around us and comes in many forms. It is a useful and necessary element when any work is performed. But along with its usefulness, it can be dangerous and fatal. Understanding the forms of hazardous energy and the tools we use to control it are the fi rst steps in protecting workers from injury.


Learning Objectives:

  • The Fatal Five
  • Types of Lockout Devices
  • Understanding Hazardous Energy
  • Lockout vs Tagout
  • Seven Step Process
  • Employee Instruction and Training



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