Safety Matters: Personal Protective Equipment Interactive Online Training

Interactive Training
35 minutes

Course Description

Safety Matters: Personal Protective Equipment Interactive Online Training

Safety Matters: Personal Protective Equipment shows employees the proper PPE to use for the various hazards they may face in their workplace. It discusses the responsibilities of both the employer and the employee for wearing, maintaining, and replacing appropriate PPE for specific tasks. Hazards are everywhere. But, there are tools to safeguard us from exposure to serious workplace injuries. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed and built to minimize the risk of contact with hazardous equipment that can cause injury to our face, hands, and feet.


Learning Objectives:

Hazard Assessment

  • Hazard Sources and Assessments


  • Responsibilities of the Employer and Employee

Head Protection

  • Importance and Maintenance

Hearing Protection

  • Types and Maintenance

Eye and Face Protection

  • Types and Use

Hand Protection

  • Types and Maintenance

Foot Protection

  • Characteristics, Types and Inspection



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