Safety Matters: Winter Safety Interactive Online Training

Interactive Training
35 minutes

Course Description

Safety Matters: Winter Safety Interactive Online Training Safety Matters: Winter Safety helps workers identify the signs and symptoms related to cold stress and illnesses and explains how they can be treated. It also explains how to prepare a vehicle and drive safely during adverse weather conditions. Every year when the temperature goes down – the risk of illnesses, injuries and incidents go up. Whether you work outside, or are only exposed to cold weather conditions on your commute, it’s important to know the risks and safe work practices to protect yourself in cold weather conditions.


Learning Objectives:

Cold Weather Risks

  • Symptoms of cold stress
  • Signs of hypothermia, frostbite, and trench foot
  • Common illnesses

Safe Work Practices

  • Tips for staying warm when working outside
  • Protective clothing for cold weather

Driving Safety

  • Vehicle preparation for inclement weather
  • Preparing a survival kit
  • Safe driving tips


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