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In Part 1 of this program we are looking for ways to become better safe drivers, our attention turns to space management. Just as with speed, we carefully watch and control the space around our trucks can make the difference between life and death. The speed driven is totally under our own control as the truck driver. In this module we cover how to manage space when we’re sharing the road with other traffic, whether it’s on the interstate or a city street. Part 2 covers areas around the truck, namely the space beside, behind, above and below. They are all important and require specific techniques if we’re going to monitor them adequately. 


  • Part 1 - Space and Speed
  • Part 2 - Space Beside, Behind, Above and Below
  • The Space Beside Our Truck
  • The Space Behind our Trucks
  • The Space Above and Below Our Truck
  • Summary


Runtime: 34 Min.


Space beside and behind our trucks and space above and below our trucks are covered in this session.
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