The Drug-Free Workplace Program: Lose The Drugs, Keep The People Interactive Online Training

Interactive Training
19 minutes
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Course Description

Substance abuse affects approximately 10 percent of the adult population, the majority of which are employed and performing various types of jobs in workplaces throughout North America. Unfortunately, these substance abusers tend to have a negative impact on practically every aspect of their employers' organizations. Productivity, quality, safety, and morale are just a few critical areas negatively impacted when workers abuse drugs and alcohol.

This program discusses the multitude of dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse and the actions viewers should take if they suspect someone, including themselves, has a substance abuse problem. Topics include:

  • The Drug-Free Workplace policy
  • Adverse effects of substance abuse
  • Substance use vs. abuse
  • Addiction
  • Signs & symptoms of abuse
  • Appropriate response to suspected abuse
  • Seeking assistance voluntarily
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