Workplace Culture: Building Accountability Interactive Online Training

Interactive Training
22 minutes
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Course Description

You already know that holding down a job means having responsibility. Maybe you’ve got the “responsible” side of things down, but what about being “accountable”? Accountability entails owning your own actions, taking ownership of your goals and growth, and being purposeful within your workplace responsibilities.


In this training, you will explore strategies for:

  • setting and monitoring goals - using the SMART approach
  • thoughtful time management
  • successful project and task management 
  • developing a growth mindset
  • and both giving and receiving constructive criticism or feedback through proper communication.


Organizations value dedicated employees who exhibit a good work ethic and who show growth mindsets and initiative that align with the objectives of the company. If you want to avoid career stagnation - or get out of your rut at work - this training will help!

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