Workplace Culture: Building Effective Teams Interactive Online Training

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Course Description

Teamwork. You’ve no doubt heard this word used in many contexts. As a child, you might have used it to describe what should take place in sports, clubs, or other combined efforts. What does “teamwork” mean to you? Do you feel that you are on a team? How’s that going for you? Are you enjoying the team you’re on? Maybe you’ve just started a new job, or possibly your workplace is ramping up to improve how everyone works together.

Teamwork is defined as more than one person working together toward a shared goal. In its basic form, teamwork doesn’t actually require fun, happiness, mutual respect, or any of the positives that form what we think of as an ideal “team.” This training is built on the assumption that you care about building a culture of positive teamwork, where those aspects of being on a team are valued. We will discuss the characteristics of effective teams, the benefits of building a culture of working together, and the challenges faced by workplace teams. You will also learn some key strategies for nurturing teamwork – including what teamwork looks like in a digital world.

Are you ready to do your part to build a positive work environment as part of a team? Take notes as you go through this training. Keep track of any ideas you come up with, and then share them with your co-workers afterward or take this training together and discuss as you go!

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