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Some people believe that a “certain amount of conflict” on the job is normal. But too often, arguments can escalate into insults, challenges and threats. Sometimes these conflicts can even become physical, and lead to serious injuries… even death.

All of these situations are examples of “workplace violence”… and they can happen in any work environment. If they do, it can be stressful, bad for morale and downright dangerous.

So how much conflict is too much? And where do we draw the line?


The following outline summarizes the major points of information presented in the program. The outline can be used to review the program before conducting a classroom session, as well as in preparing to lead a class discussion about the program.

  • Some people believe that a "certain amount of conflict" on the job is normal. — Most incidents begin as just a disagreement between coworkers.
  • But too often, the argument can escalate into insults, challenges, or even threats. — Bystanders often ignore these confrontations, dismissing them as "personality conflicts".
  • Eventually, "personality conflicts", can become physical. — Once they become violent, these incidents can result in serious injuries...even death.
  • Workplace violence is stressful, bad for morale and downright dangerous. We have to take steps to prevent any violence in the workplace.
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