Working in the office may not seem like an environment of injuries and risk but, in fact, it’s a workplace filled with safety issues. Ergonomics tend to be a leading issue in the office as workers are continuously sitting at their desk and engaging in their work with over 50% of all injuries stemming from wrist pain. Office safety has a few key tips to help keep your workplace safe: use good posture, keep your work area clean, store heavy supplies on the lower shelves, keep fluids away from computers and secure sharp objects when they’re not in use to name a few.1

These micro-learning clips are designed to help learners understand how to avoid computer eye strain in the office, office equipment safety, office materials handling/storage and how to prevent office fires. Though office safety can seem trivial at times, due to the high workers who miss work due to office safety related injuries and illness, this is clearly a need of focus for workplaces.