A diverse open library of over 250 safety-
related PowerPoints. These can be used for
group trainings and safety meetings.

Safety Tips

Utilize these 30 plus safety tips to enhance
awareness and discuss dangers on the job
site. These quick references can be used
for the next toolbox talk or safety meeting.


A library of over 100 infographics that show
safety statistics and reports on a variety of
topics. Use these infographics on your site, as
a learning tool or post them in your break room. 


Over 15 photo-realistic images that can be used to
enhance your safety presentations or can be
added to your website.

Safety Checklists

Directory of over 10 different safety checklists that
can be used as guides for hazard assessments 
of the workplace. Use these to take notes on
your next workplace walkthrough.

Toolbox Talks

Need a fast training resource for your meeting?
More than 80 safety topics to choose from. Just pick
a topic, pick the type of training, download and go.