Materials Handling (Construction) Interactive Course

Interactive Training
60 minutes

Course Description

Materials Handling (Construction) Interactive Course OverviewOverviewWorking on a construction site requires workers to handle, move, use, and dispose of the building materials utilized. Handling materials safely should be a primary goal of every worker on the site. Improper, inadequate, or unsafe handling of materials causes injuries and even death in many cases. 
This course provides an introduction to handling materials on the job site, including moving, storing, and disposing of materials.


Learning Outcomes

After taking this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify the OSHA regulations that apply to materials handling
  • Discuss safe storage and housekeeping practices for materials
  • Inspect rigging equipment for defects and damage
  • Recite basic crane safety, use, and inspection requirements
  • Explain basic conveyor use, hazards, and safety
  • Discuss basic forklift operations, safe practices, and training requirements
  • Dispose of waste material safely.
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