Workplace Culture: Positivity in the Workplace for Corporations Interactive Online Training

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Course Description

“The Power of Positive Thinking” – have you heard this phrase before? Everyone generally agrees on the goal of seeking or maintaining personal happiness. We often are also concerned about the well-being of others. In pursuit of this happiness, we might consider work as simply an obstacle or annoyance. Taking a positive approach to the workplace allows us to extend this pursuit to our careers and professional relationships. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average we work more than most typical household and leisure activities combined. In other words, we typically spend more time interacting at work than we do with family or friends.

Given this, workplace positivity is necessary for the health of most of our daily interactions. It is also the key to providing superior customer service, avoiding the harmful effects of toxic work environments, and enjoying what is effectively a huge chunk of your life.

Topics Covered Include:

    • Self-Reflection:  How do you approach work?
    • Building a Positive Workplace Culture
    • Benefits of Positivity at Work
    • What is my role?
    • Next Steps   
    • …and more!

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